About Me

Lyla Analiese Masterson is an African American actress born and raised in Los Angeles California. She has her hands in many trades, having trained in comedy and improv since the age of fourteen, modern theatre and live variety shows, as well as commercial acting and modeling. Her most recent short “Canefield Drive” showcases her dramatic skill set, having a plotline that takes place in Ferguson, Missouri; a city hit with heavy tragedy and grief.

Lyla realized she truly enjoyed acting in High School. Starting with drama class through the 4 years, she credits her instructor whom she considers one of the great teacher’s imaginable. With true dedication, the effort and attention to detail that she adds is to make him proud, noting that she wouldn’t have the appreciation for acting if it wasn’t for his guidance.

She truly enjoys making people ‘feel’. Whether it be laughter and joy or to reflect on hard times in history, she notes that it's really important people have that outlet.

“Life is very busy, often dull, so film and TV and all art is needed in life.”

Overall, Lyla loves to be very eccentric when the moment calls for it when on on or off set.When not in acting mode, you can find her around the sunshine state at large parks playing with dogs, hiking or reading a mystery novel.

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